Every person that comes to counselling is unique, so no two counselling sessions are ever exactly the same. However, you can expect that the counsellor will:

>  Listen to you and treat you with respect

>  Work with you to help resolve any problems that are impacting on your wellbeing

>  Assist you in developing coping skills and strategies

>  Build on your strengths

>  Refer you to appropriate services when specialised or ongoing counselling is required

During your initial session, the counsellor will ask you a number of questions to gain a detailed understanding of the issue, will explain what the counselling process involves, how many sessions may be needed, and the outcomes trying to achieve.

Your commitment to counselling is crucial for success.  It is really important for you to be active and open with the counsellor, and to work responsibly towards agreed goals/outcomes.  Ultimately change can not happen unless you do the hard work…. the counsellor is there to guide and support you on this journey.