×New or Reset Laptop? Please follow the BYO Laptop Setup Guide.
Below you will find download links for software you may require at Faith.
Program(s) Windows macOS
  Download Size Setup Guide Download Size Setup Guide
Security Certificate 6.4MB   6.4MB  
Microsoft Office 1.1GB 1.6GB
OneDrive 26.7MB 32.8MB
Mobility Print Printer Setup
   2.2MB   Not Required.
See the Setup Video
Faith Files (Foldr) 7.4MB   9.7MB  
Vivi (Wireless Screen Mirroring) 34.6MB   45.6MB  
Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 2MB   2MB  
PTC Creo Parametric v4 4.1GB No Mac version    
Circuit Wizard v3 64.8MB   No Mac version    
SPARKVue 230MB   90.1MB  
Texthelp Read&Write 523MB     622MB  
Texthelp Read&Write
(Google Chrome Extension)
1MB     1MB  

* Additional activation of Adobe Creative Cloud is required by the ICT department.