Access a range of useful and recommended Website and Apps designed to help you help yourself.



A free online, interactive self-help program designed to address mild to moderate symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Allows users to control everyday stress and anxiety by acting as a ‘physical’ place to store daily worries.  Also acts as a daily reminder to think about and process what has been stressing you out.
An interactive program designed to help you to learn and practise skills which can help to prevent and manage symptoms of depression and anxiety. Helps to deal with the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety.  Users are coached on how to slow down breathing and heart rate to help them feel more relaxed.
Provides support for adolescents on a range of issues related to mental health. Eheadspace provides online and phone support and counselling. This is a meditation app designed to coach users on how to achieve calmness, contentment and clarity to help manage symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and improve health and wellbeing.
Online youth mental health and wellbeing service which provides information, support, tools and stories to assist through tough times. Exercise is proven to promote wellbeing, and this app is designed to help users go from sitting on the couch to running 5km or 30mins straight in 9 weeks.
Provides information, support and strategies about youth mental health issues. Uses guided meditation and breathing exercises to help young people to destress and get in touch with their thoughts and feelings.
  Can help you to cope with anxiety, stress and feelings of depression.  It has interactive games, forums, thought tracking diary and heaps more.