Garmin eTrex GPS

Some quick hints:

To obtain your current grid reference

Hold in the ENTER button for 2 seconds. A grid reference will appear at the bottom of the MARK WAYPOINT page. It should appear in the same format as this example:

54 H  0312515

UTM   6236448

To obtain a six figure GR as typically used with maps, simply use the three digits in the middle, ignore the last two digits.

In the above example the 6 figure grid reference is 125 364

Storing your location as a waypoint

Press and hold the ENTER button for 2 seconds. This takes you directly to the MARK WAYPOINT page. The screen shows you at your current location. Note or edit the waypoint number. Press the ENTER button to store this location.

Storing a waypoint for another location

Press and hold the ENTER button for 2 seconds. This takes you directly to the MARK WAYPOINT page. The screen shows you at your current location.

Press the button to move the cursor over the grid reference. Press the ENTER button to edit the current grid reference. Use the up and down buttons to move over each character and press ENTER to begin editing them. Change the characters you need to set the new waypoint.

When you have set the new waypoint details, press OK to return to the MARK WAYPOINT page. Take note of or edit the Waypoint Name that appears towards the top of the screen. Press OK to store the new waypoint.

To navigate to a waypoint

Go to MENU - WAYPOINTS. Press the Up or Down button and highlight the alphabetical tab containing your desired waypoint. Press ENTER. Press the Up or Down Button to select the desired waypoint. Press ENTER. Select GOTO on the Review Waypoint page and press ENTER

Then press the PAGE button to return to the POINTER page. Press the UP DOWN button until Bearing appears. This is the bearing to your desired waypoint. A small "m" after the bearing indicates it is a magnetic bearing.

Other hints

To turn off the unit, press and hold the PWR button for 2 seconds.

If you are in a screen you don't want to be in, simply press the PAGE key until you return to the top-level menu. The PAGE key acts like the Esc key on a standard PC keyboard.

Start of Day Setup for Garmin eTrex

1  Turn unit on – press and hold the PWR button for two seconds. You will see the Welcome page followed by the Satellite Page.

2  Obtain a satellite fix – Ensure the sky overhead is relatively clear of obstacles.  wait till the eTrex communicates with 4 satellites. An accuracy value will appear.

3   Check battery – Press the PAGE button until the MENU screen appears. At the bottom of the MENU page is a battery icon. If batteries are low then consider replacing. Ensure you carry a spare set of fresh batteries (2xAA).

Check Position Grid Reference format and Datum – Go to MENU - SETUP - UNITS. The formats should be as follows:

· Position format – UTM/UPS

· Map Datum – This should be the same as the map you are using. (e.g. WGS 84)

· Units – Metric

· North Ref – Magnetic

5   Confirm your current location – press and hold the ENTER key for 2 seconds to obtain your current Grid Reference.

You are now ready to proceed – generally leave the unit showing the POINTER page (the one showing a sample compass) or the MAP page.

You may leave the GPS unit on while you are on the move. Leaving the unit on improves accuracy in obtaining a Grid Reference and provides a log of your travels. To conserve batteries, turn off the unit while at base or during long stops.

Carry the GPS high – your body will block the satellite signal if carried below the waist. Attach the carry case to your pack's shoulder strap or place the GPS in the top pocket of your pack.


Additional optional checks you can do

6   Check Date and Time – Press PAGE button until MENU screen appears. Check date and time at bottom of screen is correct and it 12 hour time. If time is not correct adjust by going to MENU - SETUP - TIME. The format should be as follows:

· Time Format – 12 hour

· Time Zone – Darwin (no Adelaide on the list!)

· Daylight saving – adjust to match current time

8   Check interface mode
 - Go to MENU - SETUP - INTERFACE. The I/O format should be GARMIN.


Clearing track logs

On the 1st day of a trek – Go to MENU - TRACKS - CLEAR.