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Australian - International Model Solar Car Challenge
Australian & New Zealand Solar Energy Society - exists to promote social and economic development through the environmentally sound utilisation of solar energy.
Australia Wide Solar - delivers solar-power products and services for business, home, and mobile use.
Cairns Solar Equipment - supplies and installs alternative energy products.
Edwards Energy Systems - manufacturers of domestic and commercial solar hot water systems.
LJW Solar Solutions - manufacture and install solar tracking systems for domestic and commercial use.
Pacific Solar - developing affordable solar photovoltaic systems for a world market.
Solar Energy Systems - specialises in the practical application of solar energy.
Solar Sales Australia - supplies renewable energy products to organisations around the world.
Sunlight Solar Systems - solar batteries, panels, and controlers.
Solar Electric Power Company (SEPCO) - custom commercial solar lighting and Power systems.
All Natural Solar and Wind Power - specialising in wind and solar energy kits. Products include solar panels, wind turbines, inverters, and batteries.
Sterling Solar Power - offers an engine that converts heated refrigerant vapor into Power.
Solar Power Now? - compilation of manuscripts about solar energy.


Year 8 Bridges
Q1 Bridge Basics
      Build a Bridge 
Q2 Bridge Game 
Q3 Forces Lab

Year 9 Toys


Year 10 Alternative Fuels
FACT SHEET Alternative Transport Fuels
LPG Autogas Australia
RAA Motoring All About Cars Ethanol in Petrol
Hydrogen Car
CHOICE - Hybrid cars

Fuelling a revolution - Indepth - Catapult 
How Stuff Works - 4 Stroke Engines 
How Stuff Works - 2 Stroke Engines 
How Stuff Works - Diesel Engines 
How Stuff Works - Rotary Engines