Monday 4th March 2018

Due to some security concerns, a number of Faith students are required to change their password immediately. This will affect any students who have previously used the website Edmodo. If your account is affected, you will be prompted to change your password when you login to a College computer, Outlook Web Access or Daymap etc.

When changing your password, your new password must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be at least eight characters in length
  • Must not contain any more than 2 consecutive letters from your name, so if your name is Sally the password cannot have sal, all, lly etc
  • Must must contain upper case (A) and lower case letters (a) and;
  • Numbers OR symbols eg numbers 0-9 or symbols (&, %, $, ? etc)

A long password but easy to remember password, sometimes referred to as a passphrase, is a good choice. Some examples of this are Elephant7tractor+dog or My/name/is/Gary99 (please do not use either of these examples!)

When setting a new password, please make sure it is only used to access the Faith network and not on any other websites or services.

If you have any difficulties resetting your password, please visit the ICT office as soon as possible for us to assist.


Mr Gierke

ICT Department