The Faith ICT team are continually working to improve the security of our College network for all staff, students and families. As part of this effort, we require all students to reset their password at times to ensure our network is secure. In addition, we have recently setup a new system so when you change your password, it is checked to make sure that it has not been previously been ‘hacked’ or compromised elsewhere on the internet.

We have also made it easier to change your password by removing some of the password requirements. You no longer need to have upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, you only need to make sure your password is at least 13 characters in length. If your password is over 13 characters, it can be made up of entirely lower case words and letters. This way you can come up with 2 or 3 words put together that are easy to remember.

Password Requirements
·         13 or more characters in length
·         Can’t be a password you have used previously
·         Can’t contain any part of your name
·         Can’t be a password you use on any other websites or online services

Starting in Week 3, each day we will require all students in a particular village to reset their passwords when students first log in to their College laptop or email/daymap etc. Once you have changed your password, programs like OneDrive and Outlook may ask you to enter your new password.

Special note for Year 10/11/12 BYOD Students: Once you have changed your password, you will need to reconnect to the College Wi-Fi network by entering your new password. When you connect, we ask that you please join the FaithLutheranCollege network instead of the FaithStudents network you are likely on now.

If you have any problems changing your password, please see the ICT team in E201.