The following steps will help you setup your BYO laptop for use at Faith College.
Step 1 - Install Internet Security Certificate
Step 1 can only be completed while connected to the Wi-Fi at Faith College

Please click here and follow the instructions for your device.

This allows your laptop to securely connect to the internet while here at Faith. 

Step 2 - Install Microsoft Office

To start installing Microsoft Office you will need to log into Office 365 by clicking here.

If you need help installing Microsoft Office we have video tutorials at the links below:

PC / Windows

Apple / macOS

Step 3 - Setup OneDrive

Windows 10 and Windows 11 have OneDrive pre-installed.

Look for the OneDrive cloud icon on your task bar, in File Explorer, or type ‘OneDrive’ in the Search bar.

You will see the ‘Setup OneDrive’ screen. Enter your Faith College email address. When the page has redirected and you see the Faith logo, enter your password. Click ‘Sign in’ 

Read and follow through the tips. Choose ‘Sync all files and folders in my OneDrive’ Finally, click ‘open’ to show your OneDrive folder.

Your OneDrive folder is now available in File Explorer; it is labelled ‘OneDrive – Faith Lutheran College


Step 4 - Install Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro etc.)
  1. Download Adobe Creative Cloud setup by clicking here
  2. Open the downloaded file to continue
  3. When prompted to sign in, enter your Faith email address and click continue
  4. Enter your Faith password.
  5. Adobe Creative Cloud will now finish installing.
  6. Once installed, Adobe Creative Cloud is the control panel for all Adobe products. From here, you can select and install your desired programs.
Step 5 - Setup Faith Email Account
  1. Open Outlook and click Accept and Start Outlook.
  2. Enter your Faith email address and click Connect
  3. When prompted, enter your Faith account details and select Remember my credentials.
  4. Account setup should be complete. Click OK to start using Outlook.
Step 6 - Setup and Learn How-To Print
Step 6 can only be completed while connected to the Wi-Fi at Faith College

Simply follow the video tutorials at the links below:

PC / Windows

Apple / macOS

Step 7 - Learn How-To access the Faith network files

Faith Files enables access to the Faith network and your OneDrive files. It works across all types of devices, both at School and at home by using your Internet Connection.

Simply click here to login to Faith Files.

If you want to set it up on your or iPad or smartphone please click here for more instructions.